How we work in the UK

Sourcing computers and preparing for shipmentComputers ready to be shipped

  • Individuals, companies and schools donate computers to ITSA
  • The computers are refurbished, a process that involves checking the equipment, making repairs and wiping the hard drives
  • To ensure secure data protection, hard drives are wiped with specialist software meeting internationally approved US Department of Defense standard 5220.22
  • The computers and monitors are packed on pallets, shrink-wrapped and loaded into a shipping container: approximately 500 computers fill a 40 ft container
  • The computers are then shipped to Africa: sending a 40ft container to Zambia costs £6000, shipping takes 5 weeks (including 12 days overland)

ITSA Training and Education Centre

Spearheaded by Monis Khalifa, IT Manager for ITSA, a new training and education centre was opened in June 2007 at ITSAs headquarters in Leckhampton, Cheltenham. Monis teaches computer refurbishment and IT skills to unemployed, disadvantaged and disabled people on work experience placements.

The centre helps these students develop their employment prospects by improving their IT and communication skills and levels of literacy and numeracy. It can take up to eight trainees at any one time and offers flexi programmes of 4-26 weeks. The trainees receive an accredited qualification at the end of the course and have the opportunity to undertake further work placements at ITSA as volunteers on the computer refurbishment programme.